Selected Plays/Musicals/Revues

All of the below works are copyright by Bob Ost unless otherwise indicated
email Bob Ost, if you have any questions about the works.
Especially if you'd like to produce one!


ATTENTION MUST BE PAID, a brief interruption -
"A nutty young actress interrupts a performance and forces the audience to listen to her story."

BEAST, a one-act nightmare comedy -
"A world where neurotics are locked in a room together to drive each other crazy.
With an aggressive mouse to make matters worse."

THE BODY SHOP, an angelic comedy in one act -
"Where souls go to get a body to reincarnate ... and the salesangel
who can't understand why they want to go down to that awful place."

BREEDERS, a human comedy in three acts -
"Closet heterosexuality disrupts a gay artists colony!"

"A young man is kidnapped and cannot remember who is or where he was going.
He is forced to play odd games with the strange people he is thrown together with."

A GLASS OF WATER, a 10-minute comedy
"A simple glass of water in an outdoor atrium forces an older gay man and his young companion
to confront each other and their feelings about taking risks in this age of AIDS."

LATE NIGHT LIMBO, a one-hour fantasia about the after-life
"A TV Talk Show in purgatory where souls go when they're in a coma,
so they can talk about their lives and decide to hang on or pass on.
Hosted by 15th century poet Dante Alighieri and his sidekick Ed McMahon,
tonight's guest is Martha Stein, direct from the Intensive Care Unit at Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia.
Facing her life forces Dante to face his own, with surprising results."

THE NECESSARY DISPOSAL, a play in two acts -
"An ordinary housewife is visited by a mysterious salesman who has come to sell her ... suicide."

NOT ON CHRISTMAS EVE, a comedy in one scene -
"Paul and Paula's relationship is strained by a jolly holiday visit from his parents.
Plus Paul's attachment to a crazy homeless woman."

PLANTING EVIDENCE, a nasty comedy in one scene -
"Two unscrupulous cops get their come-uppance from
a homeless black man who is more than he seems."

PUNCH LINES, a cruel comedy in one scene -
"Two people tie up a third and drive him crazy by telling each other bad jokes."

THE SPIRITUAL BUFFET, a comedy in one scene
"Two couples vie for spiritual supremacy at a restaurant that serves everything from Buddhism to Scientology."

SPEAK TO ME, I'LL LISTEN, a two-character monologue in one scene


ANGEL IN MY HEART, a chamber opera for four male voices and flute -
"A writer's dead lover maneuvers him into a new and loving relationship with an unlikely, but handsome, partner."

THE BODY SHOP, musical version (written with Gary Hughes and Claudia Perry) - see above

FINALE!, a new-fashioned musical -
"The last days of a prestigious Fifth Avenue fashion landmark,
and the wealthy socialite who unwittingly brings about its destruction."

LA MANDRAGOLA, an adaptation of Machiavelli's classic comedy, with songs


EVERYBODY'S GETTIN' INTO THE ACT, a musical vaudeville -
"The masks and masquerades of everyday life: a 5-character look at how people
use acts, poses and pretenses instead of being honest, genuine and sincere."

LOVE AND LAUGHTER, a musical revue (includes some music by Scott Oakley and Lenny Babbish)

NOT QUITE WHAT YOU EXPECTED!, an off-beat musical revue about life's unexpected twists

STEPPIN' OUT O' LINE, a musical revue (includes music by Scott Oakley)

WHO SAYS LOVE IS EASY?, a "musical therapy" (written with Eben Keyes)

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